Wednesday, November 03, 2004

In Pauly's Absence

With Dr. Pauly on a blogging and poker hiatus, it's only fitting that some Party Poker blogger conventions take place in his honor while he's away.

Tonight at the $25 NLHE tables was myself, Derek, and Aunt Maudie. Much fun was had by all, until I tossed some money to both the other bloggers with some questionable plays (QP's).

QP1: Suited hammer and the flop is J,7,4. It's folded around to me with only Derek to my left remaining to act. I bet $2 and he calls. Bastard. Turn is a Q and I bet $4. He calls. Bastard. The river is an A and I bet $4 more and the bastard calls me w/J,T suited. Ok, maybe it's not fair to call him that since I don't know much about his and Pauly's parents. But damn, give the hammer some love people.

QP2: K,Q off in late position when AntMaudie raises to $1.50. I call and see a T,9,x flop. Maudie checks as do I. The turn is a lovely K or so I thought. Maudie bets $5 and I call. The river is a rag, and Ant B goes all-in. The nerve of this woman, going all in agains me!!! Doesn't she know I'm BadBlood - menace to all that isn't heavy metal and poker??? Perhaps she was listening to my bounty CD and used the powers of Death Metal against me to cloud my judgment. I called her all-in bet with top pair and she showed J,Q for the nut straight. Doh! At least she agreed to buy me drinks in Vegas with it. Shirley Temples? I don't think so.

So after I blog about PGP, I start making QP's. Duh. Damn bloggers.

I also spent some time sweating Otis at a crazy $10/$20 game. Must be nice to have the roll to play at that level. He was playing his usual tight game but didn't seem to be catching any cards.

Also, because I said I'd do it, I'm shouting out to rchamberlin who wondered if I'd blog about me doubling up when my pocket 6's flopped a set. Glad to see a reader find me at the tables, he's officially the second one.

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