Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Our Better Halves

Great post from Otis at his site regarding the poker widows some of us have created in pursuit of our poker pastimes.

It does take a special person to put up with us. When broaching the idea of going to Vegas, I realized that I couldn't go in good conscience if Mrs. Blood harbored any ill will towards the trip. Bottom line is that if she or the kids are not happy, I have a real tough time being happy myself.

Here was her response to my email asking her if she minded if I went:

I really, really think you should go. You work very hard at work and for
this family so you deserve some play time for yourself. Don't worry about
me not going - I personally would rather go away somewhere else with you. I
don't want to gamble all day for days. It's just not me. Plus, I liked
Otis! He seems like a nice guy.
Boy do I have a lot of people fooled about that working hard part.

I wonder if Otis has a lot of people fooled too. I'll find out in 38 days.

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