Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More Party Poker Weirdness

This is kind of funny in both a weird way and in a "ha-ha" way.

Dealt A,K on the button and there are 4 limpers to the cut-off. Cut-off makes it $2 and I call. Big blind re-raises to $6 and gets two more callers, including the original raiser.

For an additional $4 into a $20 pot, I can see a flop. So I call.

Flop is A,K,6 rainbow.

Big blind checks, MP goes all-in for about $13. Cut-off calls. I'm taking none of that shiznat and double the bet. Big blind folds and the two others go all-in matching my raise.

Turn and river are bricks and ALL THREE of us show A,K for a three-way split.

Totally amazing and totally Party Poker.

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