Wednesday, December 08, 2004

El Garbaggio

That can be used to describe the god-awful cards I was getting last night. After I rolled in from my company's holiday party, I fired up Empire, that's right Empire (bonus code IGGY1), and proceeded to click fold several hundred times.

The blogger convention caught my attention via an IM from the Dr. of Love and off I went. More crap cards. I believe I sat through 100+ hands only having A,K and 8,8 to really play. I did get to drop the hammer once since I was so tight and my pre-flop raise with a bunch of limpers did the trick.

So with that, I hearby cleanse my poker karma of all extended runs of crap cards. I don't want to sit at the Bellagio getting dealt garbaggio and have to constantly foldio. El boring-o.

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