Monday, December 06, 2004

Weekend Update

Jane, you ignorant slut!

Not necessarily that kind of update, but what the heck, any excuse to include the word slut in a post, right? Right.

This weekend was the first losing weekend online for me in a while. I should have known that the ass-ravaging dealt to me my AlCantHang on Friday night would set the stage. I never quite recovered. There was another $50 pot that was lost to me on a 3-outer, prompting me to yell some unmentionables towards my monitor. Little did I know that mini-Blood was in the hallway when he poked his cute head into the room and asked "Daddy, what did you say?"

I was rivered out of a tournament when my A,K lost to K,7 when a 7 hit the river. Hopefully the karmic wheel of justice has rolled on by such that next weekend this crap won't happen.

Over at LasVegasVegas, word's out that Evelyn Ng will be attending our little blogging event. Looks like I'll put on some deoderant after all. How you doinnnnn'????

I'm not sure if anyone else had seen this, but a while ago I signed up for a promotional tournament over at The tournament was this past Saturday night, a freeroll where the first prize was one of those all-inclusive entries into the WPT event in LA in February. If you made a real money deposit, you'd also be eligible for some prize money if you finish in the top 100. I chose not to make such a deposit and played only for 1st.

There were only 475 or so entries in the freeroll, including a bunch of celebrities. James Woods, Mimi Rogers, Dennis Quaid, and Willie Garson were just some of the celebs who supposedly play at this site exclusively. They had $100 bounties on their heads, but I never sat down at a table with them, so never had a chance. I did in fact take James Woods' seat at the table right after he was eliminated, so I got that going for me.

I finished a mediocre 92nd. I would have cashed, but because I didn't make the deposit, I lost out on what was probably at least $5. Damn, that'd be good for a sandwich at SubWay. Eat Fresh!

I was also able to download and finally set up an Empire account. I did the blogfather a favor and used bonus code IGGY1. Lord knows he needs the cash. Look for epBadBlood on that site if you wish.

Oh yeah....4 DAYS!!!!

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