Saturday, December 04, 2004


Remeber that show about the unexplained called "Sightings?" It was kind of cheesy, but last night I had an encounter than can only be called paranormal.

I'd heard he existed, but to be honest, I was a doubter. Loch Ness Monster? Fiction. Bigfoot? Fiction. Aliens? Fiction.

AlCantFold? HE LIVES!!!! It's true!!!

Everyone's favorite consumer of SoCo was in fact sober last night, according to established reports. Be that as it may, AlCantFold called my all-in bet on a board of 10,4,4 holding A,10. Not really that questionable, but I had J,J damnit! Of course one of his 5 outs, an A, hit the river and a near $50 pot migrated in his direction, not unlike the swallows of Capestrano.

Regardless, I shall not hold such an occurance against the man, the myth, the legend.

In fact, I'm compiling right now, as I type, various metal-based goodies to shower upon AlCantFold when we meet for the first time in Vegas.

These goodies include:

1. Slayer - War at the Warfield Live DVD
2. BadBlood's New School of Metal Mix - Volume I
3. BadBlood's Old School of Rare and Underappreciated Metal Mix - Volume I

Even though I'm still owed a bounty from 10 years ago for knocking out Boy Genius from a blogger tourney, and even though AlCantFold crushed my Jacks like a walnut, I am brushing all that aside and bringing him some schwag for his enjoyment.

By the way, if you suck out on me like that at Vegas, I'm coming over the table at you!!!! Bizzatch!!!! I kid. I kid.

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