Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Apple Falls Not Far From The Tree

There is a bounty on my head this Wednesday. Before I get to it, I give you this true story:


The rules are simple. Each player starts with 8 chips, there are no blinds, and the rest is standard no-limit tournament poker.

Some nights before bed, the Blood kids are given a choice: They can either watch Tarzan on Toon Disney or play this thing called a Chip Challenge. Monday evening they chose the latter. Off to the table!

Mini-Mrs. Blood went out first, she just didn't get any cards. Her duties were relegated to helping Mrs. Blood evaluate her hand-strength and place chips into the pot for her. Mini-Blood himself had been doing well, but lost a key pot to Mrs. Blood leaving him a bit short-stacked with 6 precious chips left.

With BadBlood on the button, mini-Blood checked. Mrs. Blood tossed a lone chip into the empty pot which caused BadBlood to fold his garbage.

Mini-Blood says "I'm all in."


He's 4.

Did he just check-raise his own mother all-in? Apparently he did.

Mrs. Blood called and flipped over A,2 off. Mini-Blood flipped over K,Q.

Mrs. Blood and I exchanged glances, each thinking the same thing. How the hell did he make the right play there? I mean come on!

The flop came with all under-cards and I had to explain to mini-Blood that he was currently losing since his mommy had the highest card with her Ace. I said, "You need a King or a Queen, buddy."

The turn: A Queen. Holy crap. He's gonna win this hand and double up against Mrs. Blood. What's going on here?

When the next card came, it was then that I realized he is truly my son. I still have no idea where the blonde hair came from, it's especially confusing given Mrs. Blood's trip to Switzerland 9 months before he was born. And that guy Lars that keeps calling at odd hours...

The river came and it was an Ace. Mini-Blood had been rivered with a 3-outer.

Like father, like son.


Bounty information: Whoever busts me out of the WPBT gets their choice of Hammer Time shirt. Pretty simple, you don't need to even bust me with the hammer, just bust me.

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