Thursday, February 03, 2005

Craptacular Tourney Report

Well I'm not going to have a very interesting post today. My finish in the WPBT event last night was, shall we say, less than stellar.

At least I managed to find myself at a friendly table with UpForPoker's CJ and Dr. Jeff, who is perhaps best known for being the brother to some hack of a writer named Otis.

Early on, I'm treading right about even, managing to outlast a certain travelling, well-staked, internet celebrity who got sucked out on the river and finished 150th.

I used what I now call "the move" when I defend my blinds with J,8 suited. The flop was total rags and I checked to the original raiser who bet out T80. I check-raised it to T240 and took it down. That was my lone highlight.

In late position in level 2, I call a standard sized pre-flop raise with pocket 8's - The Snowmen. I flop my set and am ready to bust the first person at my table. I let the original raiser keep betting into me. The turn brought a Jack, the river brought a rag and I put April98 all-in, having her covered by about T500. She called with her pocket J's and I was crippled.

During the entirety of this hand, my jinx...err...I mean Mrs. Blood was talking at me about whatever went on that day. Now don't get me wrong. I love Mrs. Blood to death, but she constantly picks the wrong times to watch me play poker. On our honeymoon, she'd come over to the craps table, watch me lose $100 in near-instant fashion, then wonder why my demeanor had soured. Life is all about balance, but I tell you, I will NEVER combine husband/wife activities with any serious poker because it just ain't gonna work. God bless Al and Eva for being able to. I'm sure the problem is with me, but a man's got to know his own limitations.

Anyway, back to the debacle.

It couldn't have been much later after losing this set-over-set hand that I'm dealt A,J diamonds on the button. CJ, in early position, makes his standard 3xBB raise. It's folded around to me and from my perspective, those chips in the pot look mighty precious. If I push, CJ's going to have to make quite a call for more than 1/3 his chips. I'm pretty sure, but not 100%, than I'm behind here, but I have to make a move. I go all-in and CJ pauses only slightly before he calls. He shows A,Qo and I get no help.

135th. I wonder where that will put me in the player of the year standings? Can't wait to see.

On a slightly more pleasant note, at least I'll be confident that my bounty will be sent to someone who can truly appreciate the Hammer and all its glory.

Congrats to all the high-place finishers like Darice, Cincinnati Sean, and a local friend who finished 6th having never played an online tourney before. And a special "Balls of Steel" award to Pauly who pushed all-in with the hammer and took down A,A and K,K at once. That right there is the stuff of legends.

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