Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The World Is Simply Too Small

Much of my trip to Houston has been uneventful, of which I'm thankful. I'm not a big fan of eventful things happening. I'll admit, I'm a very conservative guy and living life in the status quo suits me just fine, thank you very much.

This trip did however give me an opportunity to meet with my general manager who basically wants me to take over the manager job left vacant by my predecessor. That's not status quo, that's a big step change, especially for a guy like me. I fully admit to being a geek, and managing my brethren is not something I've ever really considered. For whatever reason, the GM thinks I could do it well. I'm not so sure, but saying "no" to such an opportunity at this company is a sure fire way to relegate your career to the slag heap. Mrs. Blood and the mini's are depending on me not to squander this chance, so I'm having to come to terms with giving it my best shot. Talk about rising to the level of your incompentance...

Sadly, I had basically no free time to see much of anything here in Houston. Each day ended with business dinners that lasted far longer than anticipated so my only recourse was some online poker after hours in the hotel room. I lost a bit on Monday, but won much of it back by placing 2nd in a two-table SNG on Full Tilt.

Back to the title of this post: I'm waiting in the lobby of my hotel room for two travelling companions who need a ride to this morning's meeting. I see a woman approach the area who looks strikingly familiar. It turned out to be Lindsay with whom I had breakfast back in Vegas at the Aladdin. Most definitely a coincidence. However, what's even a bit more scary is that during his trip to Vegas last month, CJ sat next to Lindsay on his flight home. Now that's some crazy ass odds right there. I had to immediately call CJ and let him know that Lindsay was now stalking bloggers for a living. j/k :)

I'm looking forward to getting home today. I've only been gone a couple of days but the family's gentle tug on the heart strings has become a downright yank.

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