Thursday, March 17, 2005

Free Lessons

Normally, I'm not a chatbox participant. But with the day I had at work yesterday, to say I was in one fucking pissed off mood would be an understatement. So I publish some chatbox banter from Fulltilt - perhaps it may be enjoyable to 3% of the reading population.

(.25/.50 NL Table)
Dumbass is UTG
BB is LP1
Fish1 is LP2

Dumbass limps for .50
BB is dealt pocket 9's - raises to $2
Fish1 calls
Dumbass calls

Flop: J,2,3

Dumbass checks
BB bets $5
Fish1 calls
Dumbass calls

Turn: 4

Dumbass checks
BB bets $7
Fish1 calls
Dumbass calls

River: 9

Dumbass checks
BB bets $15
Fish1 calls for less and is all-in
Dumbass calls

BB shows a set of 9's
Fish1 shows J,8 - pair of J's
Dumbass shows Q,J - pair of J's

Dumbass: What? Nice suckout.
BB: Hey thanks, perhaps you could try raising me out of the hand next time.
Dumbass: Why should I raise you out, I wanted you in.
BB: Uh, is me having your money reason enough?
Dumbass: I had you the whole time, you got lucky.
BB: Your hand was susceptible to getting out drawn, which is exactly what happened.
Dumbass: You're the idiot, you were betting into me with a worse hand.
BB: You're right, no need to protect a monster like Q,J. Well played.

Usually I'll respond with my patented phrase of "When I cash out, I will wipe my ass with your money." But, unfortunately, the writers of Tilt stole that line for the Matador. That's plagiarism at its worst.

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