Friday, March 18, 2005

Virtual Hanging

In poker-related news, the BadBlood HORSE game was by all accounts a successful variation on our normal poker home game. We began roughly at 8pm with the first deal of 2/4 Hold 'em. By about 8:15 all the players had arrived. By 8:45 G-Ron had busted out of his first buy in just in time for AlCantHang to call for his first dial-a-shot.

Having only some Absolut in the house made for a somewhat vile initial offering. Luckily, when G-Ron went to get some more cash (he was woefully underfunded for the Rankster-style suckouts that are inevitable at my home games) he brought back some kind of sipping Bourbon. Yeah, that tasted better. Not.

During the course of the evening, I believe Al called at least five times. Mainly for dial-a-shots, but most importantly to tell me he had successfully cleared the dance floor by commandeering the DJ and requesting Metallica's Fade to Black. Fucking brilliant. Only a true metal head can savor the feeling of pissing off an entire bar to hear some honest to goodness head-banging metal anthems that only you and a select few can truly enjoy. We're bastards like that.

My results were mediocre, up $25 - most of it occurring in Hold 'em which is probably not too much of a surprise to many. I lost a huge pot to the Rankster in Razz when he had AA44 as his up cards. I had an 8-low and figured that I was good. I wasn't as the Rankster pulled his wheel on the river.

Overall, it was a real fun evening and there will be plans to do it again as Otis returns from his travels abroad. Besides, we're not done making fun of G-Ron mucking a good low hand in Omaha/8 giving the Rocket an entire scooped pot.

Somewhere, G-Ron is pissed at me for posting this....:)

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