Monday, March 07, 2005

Hello Cleveland!

err...make that Austria.

Had quite a travel day yesterday. My first flight from G-Vegas to Charlotte was a windy bump-fest that saw the first landing attempt aborted as the plane swayed just a bit too much upon approach. That was fun.

So during my 2 hour layover in Charlotte, I had quite a few beverages. If I'm goin' down in a plane, I'm goin' down AlCantHang style.

Nothing like partying by yourself, just you and your iPod. New music purchased especially for the trip includes:

Pro-Pain - Fistful of Hate
100 Demons - 100 Demons
Amon Amarth - Fate of Norns

All insta-classics in my book.


Dinner was fantastic, I had steak Madagascar. I couldn't tell you where, though. My host drove the narrow streets of Graz and found an outstanding restaurant. Austrian beer == Good stuff.


I got all checked into my hotel room which had claims of wireless internet. My card found the access point, but the darned thing wouldn't give me an IP address no matter what I tried. How pissed was I that there would be no Internet Poker that night?

No recourse except to watch TV. With not even an ounce of clue how to speak German, I was forced to watch MTV's Pimp My Ride with subtitles.

Sleep was more interesting.


I have to say, my hotel's free breakfast was top-notch. Lots of protein if you're into that kind of thing. The bacon here makes the stuff in the US look like the results of a Kirstie Alley liposuction session.


If I can't get wireless access working tonight, I hope to get over to the casino down the street. But I forgot my shoes, and I'm not sure if they'll let some dufus American wearing sneakers inside just yet. Must do more research.

BB out.

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