Wednesday, March 09, 2005

No Whining

Sorry to get all worked up about losing. ****shrugs it off****


In 48 hours I'll be on a train to Vienna. My hosts here in Graz began to recommend places I could see, things I could do, etc. I told them I'd be inside a casino watching and playing poker.

"All day?" they asked.

"All day," I answered.

In other news, I am now a FullTilt affiliate. I may just make it home in time on Sunday to play in the blogger HORSE tourney. Please feel free to sign up using the link on the right. I even placed the link above my lucrative Empire poker affiliate link. Ha, lucrative, that's funny.

Even though I'm getting my ass handed to me on a plate these past few days at FullTilt, I heartily endorse the site with full BadBlood approval. That would be 5 drops of blood.

I've decided to drop back down to the $50NL tables. For whatever reason, the $100NL tables online just aren't treating me well. I'm still reacting in a non-ideal fashion when my pre-flop raises of 4xBB can't scare out J,7 suited. My online bankroll was, and I emphasize "was," suited for the $100NL tables, but my mind wasn't. As such, I'll drop back a level and plod forward from there.

I believe I was on what I'll call "Reverse-Tilt." Reverse-Tilt stems from winning at a rate higher than you're normally accustomed. Then you almost lose focus, not quite caring as much if you lose since you've just had a nice windfall. That's what happened to me after my 4th place finish a couple of weeks ago in a $50MTT. I would begin entering $50SNG's with reckless abandon. That's just not my style - for me to win, I need total focus and attention. I can admit that I wasn't giving it my all and my results suffered. Chalk up yet another learning experience.

So with renewed focus, I'll bear down again and hopefully move forward.

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