Friday, May 27, 2005


I shouldn't post while I'm over-tired and coming off a few day long losing streak. But I will.

I'm just gonna ramble a bit about some thoughts I've had recently. They mainly focus on my bankroll and YTD profits. Perhaps some of you also think the same way, perhaps some of you don't.

They say that losing players don't keep track of their results for a variety of reasons. I may have mentioned it before, but I've been keeping track of mine ever since I began playing for nickels and dimes back in 1992. The stakes have grown and the games have changed, but I've been pretty diligent about keeping an accurate tally.

Throughout the years, especially in the last two, I've reached all-time highs - a new peak in the ever-changing profit and bankroll numbers. Once I reach a new peak, feelings towards the game change. I feel like I'm entitled to remain at this new peak and keep moving upwards. Any temporary dip gets me overly disappointed in myself for not being able to maintain my new high.

And that's just odd.

We all know how bankrolls fluctuate. I shouldn't be surprised when mine dips. I need to control my borderline obsession with these numbers. It's distracting me from playing proper poker and changing my focus towards results-oriented play. What follows is BadBlood playing bad poker.

Very bad poker.

To wit:

Last night at casa de G-Rob things started off with a bang. I'm dealt AJ and I'm in a pot against KK and QQ. The flop is JJx and I more than double up on the very first hand. Things went downhill from there.


Because on the first hand I set a level for myself such that when I lost the next pot, I thought too much of where I had been and not where I currently was. Does that make sense?

I hate to post up such a whiny post so close to Vegas when everyone is getting so geared up. Me? I have to say that right now, I'm glad I'm not playing in Event #2. I'd focus too much on a $1500 loss and not playing good poker.

I have exaclty 6 days to change.

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