Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lottery Results

I bought 5 tickets. I matched 0 numbers. The good news is that nobody else won and the jackpot will be an "estimated" $218 million. That's good, because $180 was simply not going to cut it.


Lately I've been prepping Mrs_Blood for some live casino Hold 'em action and she's been a pretty decent student. She tested her mettle last night in a friendly $20 buy-in .10/.25 blind NL ring game. She nearly tripled up. I lost two buy-ins in what was clearly a case of do as I say, not as I do.

An interesting hand came up that prompted G-Rob's ire directed at me. G-Rob and Mrs_Blood had played a hand to the river and had checked it down in the last betting round. G-Rob, first to act, paused after the river card came up and Mrs_Blood erroneously acted out of turn and checked. I mentioned that fact, and G-Rob immediately bet out $5 into a $2 pot. Knowing exactly what he was doing, but not knowing anything about Mrs_Blood's cards, I implored her to call.

I told her G-Rob only bet out (classic overbet!) because he heard you check out of turn. So she did call and ended up beating G-Rob's 10-high. The "only one player to a hand" issue came up wherein I responded thusly:

In any other serious game with any other player involved, I'm not saying a word. But if you try to take advantage of the Mrs with me at the same table, I'm speaking up.

Sue me.



More live action with a little more at stake tonight at casa de G-Rob. Perhaps he'll let Mrs. G-Rob play and get some revenge on me, but I'm not sure she's too much into poker.

I got a bit tired of organizing and hosting games. I have about 25 people on my mailing list and the affirmative responses kept getting smaller and smaller. It will be refreshing and fun to simply play a game rather than worry if the game I'm hosting will be sustainable for the duration of the evening.

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