Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Luck is Your Luck

Kindly wish me good luck as I play South Carolina's Powerball Lottery tonight. The prize is 180 million which translates into a 60 million post-tax lump sum. Here are some of the things I will do if I win:

I'll gladly pickup the bill at the blogger after party.

I'll also ante up some free buy-ins to Event #2 for anyone who feels like playing.

CJ, Pauly, Grubby......FREE WHORES! Ok, Chad too.

G-Rob can have that sex change operation he's been mentioning.

To Al, an entire gross of SoCo bottles. Drink that deck, baby! Leftovers go back to Philly for Big Mike.

Iggy can have bone extensions put in his shins for an extra few inches of height. And the Road House Special Edition DVD.

Felicia can get an upgrade to her PC with those new 286's that are out.

Professional Poker Player(tm) Chris Halverson gets an HDTV, HD satellite stuff, and an HD TiVo. He must however burn all poker related shows to DVD and disperse them at his own expense to whomever wants them.

FilmGeek gets cash to buy a new lightsaber and all the SpaceBalls merchandise he wants. Not sure why he likes Dark Helmet so much...

Otis can have some crutches for his inevitable fall. Gold-plated ones.

Daddy gets free passes to every zoo in North America.

Bob gets a personal assistant who confirms his junk status at regular pre-defined intervals.

That should cover some of it. Anyone else want anything, let me know.

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