Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Metallic Genius

As my own poker play remains just a few swirls away from going completely down the toilet, I feel it inappropriate to blog about it. There are much weightier things going down in the poker world right now and few people give a rodent's gluteus about BadBloodonPoker.

With that said....perhaps a post on the lighter side...


I think most of us listen to and enjoy music of various styles. Many of us are moved by the lyrics - the prose of Dylan, the poetry of Lennon, the dark genius of Waters. Classic rock is filled with legendary wordsmiths.

Few people give the heavy metal genre any credit for its lyrical content. Some will begrudgingly give them credit for being legitamate musicians, but few will go that far for the vocalists.

For the doubters, I submit this:

Metallic Genius

(Much thanks to AlCantHang for the bandwidth)

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