Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This Thing You Call Bankroll

In the midst of pondering the differences between online and offline play, I've determined YARWISO.

(Yet another reason why I suck online.)

A step back is in order.

I've considered myself a better live player than online player in the past. There's the whole extra read on people's play and all, but I wanted to look even further because of my recent online downswing. I tried to compare my mental states between the two environments and in doing so, have come up with another difference that required further inspection.

Offline, I have no idea what my bankroll is. None whatsoever. If I'm playing one night, I go to the ATM, grab some cash and play. I keep tallies of wins and losses of course, but at no time during play to I even consider the "health" of my offline bankroll. It might as well be infinite since I give it no consideration.

Online, it's an entirely different story. My bankroll online is ever present in my mind, as is its deteriorating balance. Perhaps the reason is that it is so very segregated from any other money. Perhaps the reason is that I'm very averse towards depositing any more money into an online account. Perhaps it's a fear of becoming a losing player again online. These thoughts are all irrational and detrimental.

The fact is, I shouldn't pay so much consideration to the online roll. If it's depleted, I can redeposit. Easily. It's almost as if the fear of busting out that's prevalent in tournament play is affecting my ring game play when it doesn't have to.

I've decided to compartmentalize my previous night's play and begin anew each night with the same bankroll mentality as exists offline.

This game is a battle of constant mental adjustments for me and without any introspection, I'd never improve.

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