Thursday, August 25, 2005

Phase 2 - Drinks are Drunk

Before I get into Brad-o-Weekend Phase 2, just a little glam rock-based aside. Me and the Axeman went down to the BiLo Center in downtown G-Vegas last night to catch the Rock Never Stops Tour. It featured Firehouse, Quite Riot, Ratt, and Cinderella.

A few comments. Firehouse - decent. No idea how many original members besides the lead singer there were, but all in all, faithful to their records. Quiet Riot - good lord. Lead singer Kevin Dubrow, while enthusiastic, energetic and still singing quite well, looked his age. Original drummer Frankie Bonelli (sp?) looked like he needed an oxygen tank. Damn. Ratt - well, some of Ratt - very enjoyable, at least to me. While Robin Crosby is no longer with us, basist Juan Crocier and lead singer Steven Pearcy aren't with the band any longer. In their stead was Jizzy Pearl singing and John Corabi as rhythm guitar. One thing is for damned sure, Warren DiMartini is the glue of that band. He is seriously one of the most underrating guitarists of that era. Chops city. I'd go see any band he's in. Cinderella - very enjoyable as well. While some of the members looked a bit worse for the wear, their performance was great, even the predictable encore.


Upon arrival at the Bait Shack, I was immediately handed a Bloody Mary from TeamScottSmith. Great guy that TeamScott. Ya know, the whole frickin' Smith clan is great; Shep, Debbie and even that underage Wolverine card shark are just good people. Pretty much everyone was there in full force trying to be heard over the band. Figures, the one night we're all in downtown G-Vegas, we pick a bar that never has a band and boom, we're all trying to out-shout the noise.

I made my way to a booth where Iggy, Pauly and Maudie had set up shop. Derek was there too. Not soon after, BigMike and BG made their way inside. Massive prop-betting ensued. The first one I saw was BG being offered $25 to drink the melted ice from a bucket of beer. Pretty much unfazed by the request, BG quickly scooped up the bucket and drank. "Hmmm, tasted kind of tinny." I'm not sure how much that bucket contributed to his condition on Saturday, but at the least I'd be worried that some sort of abdominal distress would be in his near-term future. But, like a trooper, he was unphased.

Iggy then was offering $100 to anyone who would lick clean a side of ranch dressing. I thought about it, but wouldn't feel comfortable taking the $100. Oddly, nobody else volunteered either. The funniest part about the offer was learning that Otis had already done the same deed but for a discount price of $5. Premature agreement is -EV.

Before we decided to leave, G-Rob and I tussled once again at left-handed arm wrestling. Dude, you're like 0 for 4 now. Give up. Maudie's site has pictures and UpForPoker has the video. Best part? The "anal iz kool" written on the edge of the table. Classic Bait Shack.

On our way out, I was under the impression we were off to the land of boobies. Not so. There were a couple of people who were ready to crash and wanted to head home. I won't name names, but let it be said right here that BadBlood was ready, willing and able to carry out his duty to escort those in need of boobies to the appropriate places in G-Vegas. Next time, there will be no choice.

Upon arriving home at Casa de Blood, five bloggers took a gaze at the poker table situated right there in the living room. Great minds think alike and a 2/4 HORSE game was immediately born. From 1:30 to 3:00 am, Iggy, Pauly, Derek, Daddy and myself had a little low stakes fun. By 3am and 1 full orbit, we broke the game up and some of us hit the sack. Others hung out a bit on the front porch relaxing in the now cooled down Carolina air.

Next up: Saturday and Phase 3 of Brad-o-Weekend

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