Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Too Scary - All True

Ok, this is 100% the truth, I swear on the lives of the miniBloods.


I fire up Pokerstars for a little 5-table SNG action. Yeah, it's only $1.20, but it's a nice little time-waster while I'm tooling around on the Intarweb.

I fire up Bloglines too since I'll be doing a bunch of folding early on. Only a few new entries to read, but one of them is this:

to raise, perchance to fold . . .

Wil's been given a nickname by Dr. Pauly thanks to his KK always getting killed. He had real bad luck with them in the WPT championships then related his tale of woe in a Pokerstars SNG where those same two cards were beat yet again. Not soon after, and when I say not soon, I mean less than 60 seconds, yours truly is dealt KK.


UTG+1 min-raises from 30 to 60. I make it 270 to go. The SB, BB both call and the original raiser folds. I like that, probably a weak Ace and my hand gets stronger.

The flop is all undercards T92.

The SB and BB check, as expected, since the flop is garbage. The SB has got me way covered thanks to some early suckouts, calling all-in with QJ off and catching a J to nearly triple up.

Just so he knows I'm all business, I bet half my stack into a 800+ pot. SB and BB both call. Odd.

Turn is an offsuit 4 putting absolutely no flush draw on the board.

Again, the SB and BB both check. The pot is 2600+ and I have only a little over 600 left so I'm all-in.

SB calls, BB folds.

We flip cards.

SB shows....

A5 suited.

WTF??? Oh well, it's a $1.20 5-tabler, what should I expect.

Certainly not the 3 on the river for the runner-runner wheel.

Hamlet indeed.


The BadBlood is boiling...
on the floor.
You can't stop the anger
'cause this means war.

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