Monday, November 07, 2005

Lost in Translation

Every now and then I check via StatCounter the “came from” section.  It’s interesting to see how people make it over to my blog.  Most of the entries aren’t suprising, but every now and then I get a new link up from someone, somewhere.  I’ll end up visiting that site and checking it out mainly out of curiosity.  Today, I went here:

It’s all in French, and I can’t read French.  Well, I can read it, but I can’t understand it.  So of course, I translate the page using the babelfish utility on altavista.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love the translations that come out of those tools.  The page is simply a list of some poker blogs with a brief description of each.

Here are some gems:

The Cards SpeakAn impassioned young man of Poker delivers to us here the accounts of his adventures with face discovered (photo in the profile).

I’d like to hear some of Hank’s adventures prior to him discovering his face.

Guinness and PokerA blog in the purest style of the kind with its thoughts, its states of heart and its opinions. To note: an impressive list of bonds towards others blogs!

Nothing about dwarfism, which is sad.

Las Vegas and Blog PokerA collaboratif blog!!! If simple seemingly, it is in fact one of the things most complicated of the Web but which give also the most enthralling result!

Leave it to Poker Prof to make the complicated seem easy.

Bad BloodNothing will be censured, it will say all to you on its best performances like the worst. In premium, the detailed account of its trips in Las Vegas.

I say to this:  “Go <censure> yourself.”

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