Monday, November 07, 2005

A Post with Words

Just some weekend ramblings here….I can’t be all serious all the time.

Thursday night donk game – down $40.  Sadly, the game I introduced to the group was my undoing.  Match the pot if you lose cost me over $80, otherwise I’m in the black.  Nothing spectacular went on, it was probably one of the most mundane Thursday night affairs in a while.

Friday night at The Mark’s – down $110.  Two tournaments and two times I went all-in against the nuts.  Brilliant!  I need serious work on my tournament game.  Only interesting note is that the second tourney was a NLO8 game.  Pot limit is a bit too much for the minds of many G-Vegas-ites to grasp, so rather than be able to do simple math, we’ve adjusted the game so that you can still push your entire stack in whenever you want to.  Rock on!

Saturday night at my house – up $23.  Played a $20 10-person tourney without any cards.  I had QQ once, but folded to an Ace-high flop bet from the SB who called my PFR.  Oh well.  Happens.  Busted out 6th.  Mrs_Blood outlasted me.  She did flop quad K’s but didn’t get paid off.

The Saturday ring game was a wild affair.  The post below set the stage.  We had a newcomer to the festivities who would overbet many pots whenever anybody checked to him.  He just needed a pair, any pair, to make a bet.  We originally had two tables going and I managed to nearly double my buy-in against him simply by slowplaying some made hands.  He bought in 3 times before we condensed to one table of nine players.

Then came the hand.  New guy is UTG and bets $10.50.  Yes, that’s a 21x BB raise.  It’s folded back around to G-Rob who’s in the BB.  G-Rob, having a monster stack and easily covering the new guy, goes all-in.  New guy gets a big puzzled look on his face.  All the other players are LOVING the confrontation.  New aggressive guy, meet G-Rob, he invented aggression.  New guy, decides that AJo is good enough to call $125 with and gets to see G-Rob’s AA.

The flop was 9JJ.  What a train-wreck of a hand that was.  G-Rob paid the new guy and resumed his style of play, all the while feigning being on tilt.  New guy cashed out for $396 and will be invited back every time we have a game.  Without fail.

By 3AM, we were a bit punchy.  That’s perhaps why the following two things made me laugh harder than I have in a while.

Item 1:  TeamScottSmith tells a pirate joke.  A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel tied to his testicles.  The bartender says “Man that looks painful.”  Pirate says “Yeah, it’s drivin’ me nuts.”  Brilliant.  It gets even funnier when TeamScott mentions how a buddy of his constantly mis-tells that joke by fumbling the punch-line.  “Yeah, it’s steerin’ me balls.”  Steerin’ me balls.  I love mis-told jokes better than the originals.

Item 2:  G-Rob decides to poke a little fun at Otis’ Sunday night coverage of the Stars tourney.  “It must be fun covering some guy from Sweden named Felljiglop and his play at the final table.”  Jabbing Otis wasn’t the funny part, it was the name G-Rob came up with.  Felljiglop.  That’s right up there with his fictional suckout artist Bitch Suckleton.

Probably had to be there for both of those things, but I laugh each time I think about them.

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