Tuesday, November 29, 2005


G-Rob IM’d me last night on the girly IM thing talking about a 9pm $10+1 MTT on FullTilt.  It didn’t take much convincing.  I had just lost to a 3-outer with all my money in good on the turn and was looking to lick the wounds just a bit.  I signed up and not soon after, Luckbox V1.0 signed up as well.  I went downstairs, grabbed a full glass of Shiraz and was off.

In Nostradamus-like fashion, G-Rob predicted we’d be at the same starting table.  We were.  As I mentioned yesterday, my tournament game is full of rust, puss, and other random bad crap.  So if I were to make any headway on December 10th, then I’d need some practice and this tourney fit the bill to a tee.

Much to my surprise, my AA held up.  So did QQ.  Amazingly, after the first break, I’m above average and had outlasted both of those UpForPoker hack jobs.  CJ replied that the buy-in and prize pool were so low that he didn’t bring his best game.  I know he was joking.  But only a little.

With over 60% of the field gone and me having plenty of chips, all of a sudden the FullTilt client froze on me.  I waited, figuring perhaps the tables were getting shuffled or some guy at my table on dial-up had disconnected.

Not so.

The entire site was down.  There were many a blogger in a near frenzy as there was a $14k guarantee in progress as well.  I IM’d Hank, but knowing that this type of technical problem isn’t his job (not to mention he’s not our own personal 24/7 support line), I told him of the impending crisis.  Like the brilliant man we all know him to be, he logged off YahooIM after telling me he was aware of the situation but couldn’t do anything about it.  I told him I’d see him 10 and he was off.

Unfortunately, it looked as though they had a server failure.

The good news is that my tournament buy-in was refunded.  I’m counting that as a cash.  Sadly, the other 400+ entrants also cashed, but I’m taking what I can get.


For those wondering about the dinner at The Nine, I’m thinking Friday night.  Anyone who’s interested, give me a heads up and I’ll try to make some reservations.  Otherwise we’ll go the Pauly route with a tip to the hostess.

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