Monday, November 28, 2005


So I get this email in my work inbox talking about some kind of “Blood Drive” this Wednesday.  I’m thinking to myself that I hadn’t planned on any trips this week, what the hell was this about?  Apparently my alter ego is taking over a larger part of my subconscious – a sure sign of impending dementia.


With ten days until Vegas, I still have no idea what to expect.  One thing is for certain – there is simply not enough time in the three days that I’ll be there to do everything I want.  I’ve made checklists before, but usually I’m too caught up in the moment to pay them any heed.  That won’t stop me from trying again, so here goes.

Short list of must-do’s

  1. Play poker at the Wynn.  I’ve not been there yet and am determined to make it there and maybe try my hand at the 10/20 mixed game that Felicia blogged about.

  2. Play in at least one $100+ buy-in tournament.  I hate my tournament game right now, but I plan to spend a little time between now and then attempting to make improvements.  I will be enlisting CJ next weekend to teach me the art of the suckout.

  3. Speak to the pros.  In December of last year, I was suffering from a bout of timid, drunk-ass-ness which prevented me from uttering a single word to either Ron Rose, Evelyn Ng, Marcel Luske, or Tom McEvoy.  All I have to say this time is look out Clonie.

  4. Eat.  During my October trip, one of the days I simply forgot to eat.  Thankfully, the Aladdin brought out cookies and donuts at about 7pm, otherwise I would have dropped about 10 pounds simply by sitting in a chair.

  5. Have at least one really nice dinner.  Tentatively, TheMark and maybe others are going to eat at the Nine at the Palms.  Anyone else who wants to join us are absolutely more than welcome.  The social aspect of a great dinner can never be overlooked.

  6. Buy Drizz a lap dance.  For those wondering, I too will accept free dances.  In fact, CJ and Drizz both owe me $1 from a last longer bet.  I will even accept those dollars to put into just about anybody’s g-string.  PS:  Thanks to Chad who dutifully x-ferred me the $1.  Dude, you could have waited until Vegas. (

  7. Have a listening party with AlCantHang.  He’s bringing our compilation CD to Vegas and I expect at least JoeSpeaker to be there.

Perhaps I’ll post a list of the might-do’s later in the week.

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