Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pass the Sugar

By all indications, Joe Hachem seems like a very nice person and a quality poker player.  But I’m calling foul on his exclamation after calling Andrew Black’s all-in bet.  Recall Black had flopped a set of Queens on an all-club board.  Hachem held the nut flush.

“Pass the sugah!”  Down come the cards onto the felt face up.  Huh?  What is most likely an Aussie colloquialism comes off a bit odd to this viewer.

Still, I have to wonder if Phil Hellmuth calls that bet if he were in Hachem’s place holding the nuts since he’s so susceptible to re-draws.

“Honey!  I was supposed to double up that hand.  But they forgot to tell these guys I can dodge 70:30 favorites with the best of ‘em.”

But back to “Pass the sugah!”  Were other players in a similar situation, we could have had entirely different new catch-phrases:

AlCantHang:  “Pass the SoCo!”
Dr. Pauly:  “Pass the bong!”
TheMark:  “Pass the TUMS!”
Otis:  “Indeed, for I have flopped the nuts, shall I rejoice?  Yes, friends, indeed I will.”
BadBlood:  “Pass the protein powder!”
JoeSpeaker:  “Pass the metrosexual cologne that makes me smell so sweet to the ladies!”
BobbyBracelet (grabs crotch): “Pass the sausage baby!  HUGE-JUNK, right here!”
AlCantHang:  “I said pass the SoCo, not some wussy half-shot shit.  Where’s Big Mike?  Ahoy-hoy!”
G-Rob: “Pass the moonshine.”
Shep “8-ball” Tiltstein:  “Pass the Budweiser.  Yeah, that crap.  I  love it.”
Maigrey: “Pass the Tiara”
Dr. Pauly:  “Dude…”
Derek: “Look bro, it’s my turn.”
Iggy:  “Pass the uber-Guinness”
PokerProf:  “Pass by reference.  You know, because it’s an array of pointers to double precision variables.”
G-Rob:  “Pass the extended-hold hairspray!  FYI: I’m not wearing pants.”
BG:  “Pass me some cooking wine!”

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