Friday, November 11, 2005

Upcoming Weekend

I'll be travelling to Florida this weekend, a solo trip to go to the Pats/Dolphins game with the parental Bloods. If things work out, I may be able to hit up the Fort Myers dog track for some $1/$2 Omaha8 which I hear is a gold mine for nut peddlers.

Since I don't leave until Saturday AM, I should be able to play in the Wil Wheaton tourney tonight on Stars. Sadly, I'll miss both the Dr. Pauly Saturday tourney and the Bill Rini Full Tilt tourney.

Last night, I played in a home game where the high point of my evening occurred on hand #1. I'm dealt 85h in the BB and call the SB's raise after it had been folded around to him. The flop was 679 with the 67 being hearts. I know I'm good, but choose to simply call the next bet. The turn is the 3 of hearts giving me the flush. Normally, I'd have to protect my flush at this point because it's very vunerable to what is most likely one heart overcard in the SB's hand.

However, the turn bet is the same as the flop bet so I smooth call again. The river? Money. 9 of hearts. SB, with the Ace of hearts in his hand goes all in. Uh, call?

The look on Teddy Ballgame's face was priceless. The $100 pot he thought he was going to pull came my way thanks to the straight flush. Most of you will hate the all-in bet from Teddy here, as the board paired on the river making his kinda-sorta-but-not-really-nut flush potentially second best to a full house or better hand.

I, however, LOVED the all-in bet here.

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