Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tidbits v3.0

This morning my car was Ride the Lighting, Track 5.  It’s miserable here today.  I thought I moved away from this garbage weather.  Apparently not.


As with all trips to Vegas, you can never do everything you had planned for.  As these events grow, it becomes even more difficult to spend time with everyone.  I think we all feel that we missed out on doing some things and meeting some people.

To my brother in metal, AlCantHang, we shall party in style to make up for this trip’s lack of drunken-headbanging that only you and I know how to do properly.  Well, StB can join us too, he knows his shit.  Hell, even Speaker can throw down.

I missed too much time at the MGM on Friday night.  Apparently Chris Moneymaker was there and Phil Gordon too.  Glad to see Mrs. Head gave him the spanking he probably deserved.  And F-Train?  What’s up with not recognizing him?  Dude, I know you, AND I’m embarrassed for you.

Apparently, THE funniest moment of the trip was TrumpJosh making like Otis and falling down at the MGM bar.  The falling is funny in and of itself, but the fact that he managed to spill his own beer on his own face during the act makes it extra special.  Wish I was there, even though Chad and Speaker have retold the event in enough detail to make me laugh out loud when I read their recounts.

Apparently Mrs. Joe Speaker wanted a couple of tix to the gun show.  If you met Joe’s better half, then you know how disappointed I am for not being able to accommodate her.  It’s probably for the best.  Given my recent and TOTALLY inadvertent pummeling of helpless women, I’d have misfired and I’d be getting sued right now.


For the record, here’s what went down with the pregnant dealer.  I’m not 100% sure, but I believe I had just sucked out on Michael Craig at the $2/$6 Vegas Hold ‘em table at the Excalibur.  I raised my fists in jubilation, not knowing that the next dealer for the table was standing right behind me.  Bam!  I connected with her right orbital socket.  I immediately apologized, but the dealer seemed, shall we say, not too pleased.  She sat down and I gave her $2, because you know, I’m a big spender.  Anyway, I kept tipping her all I could until she at least smiled once.  It wasn’t until later that I found out she was pregnant.

I will say this.  Maudie took that steel chair shot with nary a blink.

Who’s next?

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