Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In Between

Almost a week without a post.  It’s mainly due to me not having much time coupled with not having much to write about either.

The poker is going what I’d call “meh.”  The bankroll is pretty stagnant, but I can’t necessarily fault my play either.  I’d be up a healthy amount if I could win a few of those coin-flip situations.  Not the pair vs. overcards pre-flop ones, it’s the 14-15 outs twice post-flop ones.  It seems that I’m not catching the outs I need and my opponents are.  I still like pushing in those spots on either end of it because any fold equity you have makes the play +EV.  Also, you tend not to get paid if you wait until the draw hits based on the board texture.  There’s probably $800 or so in pots in the last few days of which I’m theoretically entitled to 50%.  I have zero.  No worries though, I’ll catch my share eventually.

Over at the TalkingPoker.com forum, they’re having a February 5/10 6-max limit hold ‘em challenge.  I was thinking of trying it, but realized there’s no way in high heaven that I’ll log 5000 hands in a month.  Regardless, I’m still going to see what I can do at the 5/10 game for a while.  Based on the first night, the 5/10 6-max tables are full of maniacs.  Two pair on the board?  Any Ace is gold!  I logged 150 hands and managed a statistically improbable 14.86BB/100 win rate.  That obviously won’t continue, but I chalk that win rate up solely to table selection.  Sure, I had AA cracked on hand #5, but the monsters I held were paid off in spades.  Or clubs if that’s what gets you going.  Otis made a comment to me in passing in Tunica that has stuck with me concerning my limit hold ‘em game.  I will either prove him wrong or right.

I’m also working on a small project that’s going to end up taking more time than I thought.  The final product will probably be high-end stupid, but that’s not going to stop me.  The G-Vegas crew knows what it is based on Thursday’s NL ring game at Otis’ house.  And that’s all I have to say about that for now.

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