Sunday, February 19, 2006

Live Blogging the 750k

4:31 – Took my seat, and no offending avatars to put me on tilt.  Sweet.  Otis, Al, and my co-worker Random101 are IM’ing me some luck vibes.

4:32 – Two empty seats and 3 sitting out.  WTF?  And then I’m moved.  Because 7 people are out already.  Wow.

4:35 – Folding like a maniac.  A ten is the highest card I’ve seen in my 5 hands.  Coroner is on my iPod – “Reborn Through Hate.”

4:37 – Stole the blinds.  I am officially bad-ass.

4:42 – Limped with 45c, flopped two-pair and won a T740 pot.  T2940.  FYI, I officially overplay suited connectors.

4:44 – Metal Shop’s “Stripper Girl” plays on iTunes.  It’s an Omen.  “….came over and put your hand in my pants…”

4:53 – AK in the SB, just where I hate it.  Made it T100 to go (15/30 level) got 3 callers.  K-high flop with two hearts.  Continuation bet got called by 1 person.  No heart on the turn, bet ½ the pot and took it.  Man, the flop was KJx and I was figuring some asshat limper with KJ was gonna take it.  T3310.  Oh yeah – “Master of Puppets.”

5:03 – Got nuthin’ ‘cept The Haunted – Godpuppet

5:16 – H.F.M.   Human folding machine.

5:19 – Someone limped with AK.  God.  I had A6 in the BB.  The board read AQ55x and I figured I was good.  He was a short stack and just called all my bets.  T1885.  Not very happy.

5:23 – 99.  Raised got 1 caller and an all undercard board.  Bet out.  Called.  Fuck you I say in my mind.  Turn is another undercard and I push because my push is pot-sized.  He folds.  T2585.

5:27 – KK in two consecutive hands.  1st time it was UTG and I limped.  No damn raisers.  4 people see an AKx flop.  I bet out ½ the pot hoping some jackhole has an Ace.  No callers.  Second time was in the BB, raised 3.5x and got one caller to a board of T44.  If he has a 4 good for him.  I bet the pot and he folds.  T3235.

5:30 – Then I go and waste T700 by raising in late position with A9.  When my continuation bet is called, I’m done with the hand since the turn paired the Q that came on the flop.  T2535.  I am donk-tastic with that one.

5:33 – Survived break number one.  T2535, avg. is T3563.  Almost 1800 gone. Da-hamn.

5:45 – Had to switch from iTunes to iPod.  For the love of all that’s holy, why does nobody understand that when I say “I need to concentrate” that I mean “I need to concentrate?”  Raised with AJo, got min-reraised then folded to a missed flop.  T1560.

5:54 – My m is 4.  Did I mention that I suck yet?  No?  Well, I do.

5:57 – I’m out.  AK UTG and I push, KQ calls me.  Q-hi flop, is all she wrote.

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