Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Monday to You

Many thanks to EasyCure for setting up the Hammer out Cancer tournament on Full Tilt last night.  I went out in an unceremonious 42nd spot, garnering zero WPBT PoY points for my efforts.  The problem with last night’s play was that I had to pee.

You see, 15 minutes prior to the first break, my back teeth were floating.  Since I was the big blind and SirWaffleHouse was currently all-in, I figured I’d just make a break for it right then.  As soon as I got back, I had the button and it was folded around to me.  Hell, gotta raise the button, right?  The Q5o I was holding was immaterial, until my raise and continuation bet was called by the small blind.  I got a free card on the turn, needing a K for an inside straight draw, but missed.  It was embarrassing that I had to fold to a min bet with over 1k in the pot.  It was all downhill from there.


Here are the results from the previous post’s contest:

Top 25 Most-Played Songs on BadBlood’s iPod:

25.  Blood and Thunder – Mastodon
24.  The Power of I and I – Shadows Fall
23.  Suburban Me – In Flames
22.  Pinball Map – In Flames
21.  Shadow World – The Haunted
20.  As We Speak – Soilwork
19.  Devour – Strapping Young Lad
18.  Mirror Mirror – Helloween
17.  Rise – The Cult
16.  The Pursuit of Vikings – Amon Amarth
15.  Jotun – In Flames
14.  Episode 666 – In Flames
13.  Needled 24/7 – Children of Bodom
12.  Bloodline – Slayer
11.  Fistful of Hate – Pro-Pain
10.  Can You Feel It? – Pro-Pain
9.    The End of Heartache – Killswitch Engage
8.    Crowned in Terror – The Crown
7.    I Live For Your Pain – Helloween
6.    Death Is The Hunter – The Crown
5.    The Deepest Gray – All That Remains
4.    Swim – In Flames
3.    Blood Pigs – Otep
2.    Sixpouner – Children of Bodom
1.    Medusa – Anthrax

So the winner of my contest is StB with a grand total of 1 correct guess.  On a percentage basis, he was infinitely more successful than anyone else.  It will be in his name that I make a donation towards Robert Wristlet’s soccer-a-thon.

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