Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Savvy Freeroll...and Contest!

I played in the Poker Savvy freeroll last night.  We had 47 bloggers sign up, but I have to confess to not recognizing a large number of them.  I attribute that to the fact that when most of us signed up at Titan poker, I believe it was somehow connected to Noble poker’s player database.  It refused to let my use my previous nickname, so I was forced to choose “TherealBadBlood” since both BadBlood and BadBlood44 were taken.  At first I thought some imposter had stolen my alter-ego, but the aforementioned scenario made more sense.

Poker Savvy ponied up $1000 in prize money to be split among the top 15 places.  Spots 6 through 15 paid $25 while the rest of the places jumped up in payouts towards the $250 first place prize.

At the final table, I was 2nd with 8 remaining.  And…..I finished 8th.  D’oh!  I ran my 99 into TripJax’s KK when he limp re-raised from what I recall as mid-position, not early position.  Nicely done.  Then I bluffed off my chips on a Q-high, paired board with middle pair and someone (I forgot who) made a kick-ass call with pocket Jacks.  Again, nicely done.  I was out soon after, but it was fun.

Now, I await to determine if Titan processes my cash out quickly.


OK, it’s contest time.

Some of you may have seen Bobby Bracelet’s request for help.  I have yet to make a donation, but I plan to.  Now, if you win this contest, you can too.

Whoever wins the following contest, I will make a $25 donation to that cause on their behalf.

Here are the rules:

Guess as many songs in my iPod’s “Top 25 Most Played” playlist as you can.  You may submit 10 choices and whoever gets the most correct will win.  Ties will be broken by each song’s ranking on the list.  For example, if two people guess 5 songs correctly, then the songs with the most times played will determine the tie-breaker.

Now, I have doubts that anyone will get more than two correct, so as a bonus, I’ll double the donation in your name if you get 5 or more correct.

Deadline is Sunday, April 16th at midnight.  You can email them or leave the guesses in the comments.

Good luck.

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