Saturday, September 23, 2006

Boat House Live Tourney Updates

Gavin Smith asked me to live blog the Bash at the Boathouse tourney. So I am. It was either that or be called a Douche. Bag.

4:58pm - Gavin receives backrub from octogenarian.

5:00pm - Bobby Bracelet surrenders another bling to Gavin Smith. He's in the small blind sitting to Gavin's right. Gavin calls him a pussy.

5:02pm - Players are on a 15-minute color up break.

5:10pm - Brandon Schaefer fold J7s to an all-in raise from Joe Speaker. Tight box.

5:14pm - Bobby Bracelet doubles through Gavin Smith with Q8o vs. 44. A classic race situation.

5:16pm - Gavin Smith - "BadBlood! Tell everyone I'm not giving up."

5:27pm - Brandon Schaefer pushes with A9c and gets called by Lewey who woke up with pocket Kings. Gavin Smith reluctantly folds pocket 6's, and then tosses the deck at the dealer when the board shows 4 spades which would have given Gavin the win. Lewey survives after flopping a set though. Still 8-handed with 300/600 blinds.

5:41pm - Joe Speaker and Lewey are all in pre-flop. Lewey with 88, Joe with AKo. The door card brings an 8 on a ten-high flop. Hello runner, runner. JQ lets Joe Speaker double up via the rigged-ness that is live poker.

5:44pm - Brandon Schaefer is out. CJ, the luckbox, called his all-in with A5o. Brandon showed 67s and did not improve.

5:52pm - Lewey, Lewey, Lewey, Oi, Oi, Oi, is out. He pushed with 64o, Gavin Smith makes a G-Rob-esque call with 25s and flops a 2. We are 6-handed.

5:56pm - Bobby Bracelet is out. Hear that ladies? Pushing with 67o and getting called by Gavin Smith's pocket tens. After the hand is over, Gavin says "See ya douche!"

6:09pm - Lauren, the online qualifier is out. Falstaff takes him out with QT, having the nut straight by the time the hand was played out. The good news? The mardi gras beads are out. That means boobies.

6:19pm - Gavin Smith insists on hearing "Blinded by the Light" just to hear "Wrapped up like a douche."

6:22pm - Gavin shows his man-boobs. For beads.

6:30pm - Break time, color up time. Four players left. Gavin Smith, Falstaff, Joe Speaker and CJ. Joe is chipleader with 16.5k, Gavin has 12k, Falstaf with 9.5k, CJ with 6.5k. Blinds are 500/1000. Nobody is drinking. Duh.

6:42pm - I'm on tilt. People are singing the Killers song. And it's so fucking gay.

6:46pm - Faltaff doubles off of CJ with KQ agains A5. Still 4-handed and were still on the bubble. 3 spots pay.

6:51pm - Joe Speaker is our bubble boy. He pushed from the button with JTc and CJ woke up with Aces. Gavin was reluctant to fold 66, but did. A Jack on the flop gave Joe some momentary hope, but that was it. Pauly is over my shoulder giving live blogging tips. Also, people are encouraging CJ to drink more than his 2-beer limit. CJ is lean. Like 95 pounds. Pretty sure he's obliterated after his 4th sip. Also, F-Train wins the last longer bet after Joe was eliminated. We be in da money.

6:55pm - Gavin is out in 3rd. CJ took him out with pocket 5's. It's now headsup, CJ and Falstaff.

7:03pm - Falstaff just doubled up with A3 against CJ's AJ by turning a 3. Still headsup and Falstaff is currently in the chip lead.

7:09pm - CJ wins with pocket Aces on an all diamond flop. Falstaff needed a non-diamond Jack to double up, but it didn't come. The river completed CJ's nut flush and that was all she wrote. $2500 later, CJ is the champ.

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