Thursday, September 21, 2006

Short Ride

G-Rob was early.  I walked into PF Chang’s anticipating a repeat performance of the previous two occasions wherein I’d be the first to arrive, order my drink, and then wait.  G-Rob was deep into his first diet beer so either he was thirsty or had been there longer than I originally anticipated.  After I took my seat at the black marbled bar, I ordered my $9 standby, Grey Goose martini.  Dirty.  It’s not cheap, but the barkeeps manage to fill my martini glass to the rim more often than not.  We both ordered food knowing TheMark would be late.  That’s just TheMark.

The pre-poker gatherings we’ve recently instituted are perhaps the most relaxing and at the same time enjoyable parts of my week, this side of a lap dance anyway.  Good food, good drink and good company set the stage for a trip down Route 385 towards the Spring Hotel.  Even as I write these words, I’m given a brief respite from the day’s activity, calmed by the fond memories.

This evening, we’d only be three strong.  Otis was WCOOP’ing, understandably busy watching Fehljiglop take down another bracelet.  Without him though, the chance of profiting from the game would grow.  Enough to outweigh the lack of his company?  Probably not.  But you take what life gives you.

The advertised start time for the Underground game is 7:30pm.  We learned the hard way that arriving any time after 7:15pm means waiting for a seat.  We cleared our tabs at 6:45 and made the easy drive down the highway to the game.  The anticipation makes the drive to the game seem much shorter than it truly is.

I took my seat directly across from the dealer, dressed in his standard Steel Lady t-shirt.  You know your poker blog is losing anonymity when the dealer from your underground game finds his way to this corner of the Intarweb.

I’m not really going anywhere with this post except to give a glimpse into what the G-Vegas poker scene has become.  I may look back upon these days as the Golden Age of my personal poker career.  Not because of wins or losses, but because of the fun.  I’m lucky to have a wife who’ll allow me two nights a week to go play a silly card game.  I’m lucky to have co-pilots willing to go to battle against the denizens of the Spring Hotel.  And in the end, any money won is just the gravy.


Tomorrow I’m Bash-bound.

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