Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is My Home Town

It’s tough to fight the good fight.  Those of you who read many of the blogs listed on the right are aware of the current legislation intended to make illegal the act of playing poker online.  A dedicated group of players created the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) in an attempt to protect our rights to play the game we enjoy.

Obviously every one of us who plays a significant amount of online poker hopes that the bill doesn’t pass.  It has its flaws, but that’s never stopped our government before.  Thankfully, there exists some opposition in the form of banking lobbies and such that will hopefully derail the progress of the bill.  But then again, based on past history, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the bill passed despite the efforts of everyone involved.  Congress and logic seldom mix.

The only remaining option, should online poker become illegal, would be to play more live poker.  In my lovely adopted home state of South Carolina, that recourse is also at risk.

Read This

Like I said, sometimes it’s tough to fight the good fight.  But like the PPA, there are those who won’t just silently acquiesce to the nonsense of outlawing the game of poker.

If you read the above link, you’ll find that one of G-Vegas’ own is challenging an antiquated law whose basis allowed local police to break up a game and arrest its participants.  With our state situated on the big ole’ shiny buckle of the Bible belt, you can see how difficult contesting this may become.

But that’s not stopping TheMark and the others who’ve decided against folding their hand.  TheMark is perhaps G-Vegas’ most aggressive player.  It doesn’t matter if he’s facing the big stack with his tournament life on the line.  He knows how to make the correct decisions that give him the best chance to win.

He may be pushing his stack in behind, but I’m rooting for him to hit whatever outs he needs.

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