Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Wednesdays.  Odin’s Day.  Hump days (I wish).  Generally speaking who the hell looks forward to a Wednesday?  I confess, I do.

Wednesdays are off-days for me from my workout schedule.  I’ll do a Monday/Tuesday split, 1 day off (that would be Wednesday), then either Thursday/Friday or Thursday/Saturday split depending on how Friday at work goes.

On Wednesdays, one of the local $1/$2NL underground games goes on at The Spring Hotel, an Otis-derived moniker.  With the condition of the G-Vegas home game in the state that it’s in, the appeal of the underground game, rake and all, grows.

And, to top it all off, one of my poker playing buddies from up North is in town again.  Yes, that’s right, tonight once again we will be sharing martinis prior to.  I like to call it Riding Dirty.

I sent an email to TheMark, G-Rob (Mr. October, NOT!), and Otis about plans to meet at the local PFChangs for drinks, a bit of food, and pre-game revelry.  Otis is in, I suspect G-Rob is in too since it’s still only September.  TheMark actually has a valid excuse *cough* the wife’s birthday *cough*.

Friends, drinks, poker.  An outstanding recipe for my amusement.  Five o’clock, post meridian can’t get here soon enough.

Wednesdays.  I live for this.

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