Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Resonant Frequency

When random events occur in certain sequences, I find myself unable to make proper mental adjustments.  Let me give you an example.  Take your average, run-of-the-mill, pair vs. pair confrontation where the odds of you winning pre-flop are 4:1.

If my results occur in this type of manner, WWLWWLWWWWWLWWW, I can handle it.  If my results occur this way instead, WWWWWWWWLLLWWWW, the string of 3 consecutive losses is amplified.  It makes me ignore the 8 previous wins and dulls the redemption of the 4 subsequent ones.  I hate streaks.


From late July through the first week of October, I had my yearly rush.  I managed to eclipse my year-end goal by October.  Some G-Vegas-ites would say G-Rob handed it off to me as he came off of his.  Maybe that’s true.  Otis wrote about wanting it back for he’s gone the longest without it.  Well, I hope he has enough quickness to dive on the ball, because in the last week, I’ve fumbled.


Last night, at the Gaelic Game (Underground Game 2), it was a series of events that transpired that left me unable to play poker any longer.  I actually left the game before 10pm, down four buy-ins in an embarrassing display of shit-tastic poker.

1.  There’s a certain player in G-Vegas, not a blogger in case you were wondering, who plays tournament poker during a cash game.  He short buys, and then limps, and if it’s raised, he decides he has to push.  Heaven forbid he play post-flop poker.  He’s done this time and time again, and last night his zero-implied-odds strategy forced me to fold what would have been a winning hand.  Sure I need to adjust to that level of donkey-ism, but for whatever reason, his play irked me.

2.  There’s another player, who everyone will let sit down at the table when he arrives, even if it means playing 11-handed.  He’s a player who will just plop his $200 buy-in pre-deal.  Yes, that’s right pre-deal.  He wants to give his money away.  I’ve managed to win a healthy dose of it before.  I’ve seen him drop 7 buy-ins within an hour before.  Last night, I wasn’t even in the hand, but he tripled up by flopping a flush with Q5d.  Let me repeat, I wasn’t even in the hand and that put me on tilt.

3.  Then I decide to pay off that same player with an unimproved AK.  His KJo was good.  Hello darkness my good friend.

4.  I go broke the second time to him when my nut straight with no flush draws on the turn gets rivered when the board paired.  I figured him for just trips and put all my money in drawing dead.

5.  Then I pay off TheMark who decides to call my pre-flop bet out of position with Q2h.  He flopped two-pair, I flopped middle pair and a flush draw and missed.  He was up, winning and enjoying himself.  I was wondering which wall I would end up putting my fist through.

6.  Later on, I flop a set of 8’s on an 89T board.  Someone bets, G-Rob raises 4x and I smooth call figuring I’m good.  Unfortunately someone else who happens to be wearing a fucking corduroy jacket calls off a sizeable raise with a gutshot draw.  When the J hits the turn, he pushes.  I just don’t think someone in a corduroy jacket would be chasing a gutshot.  I figure him for two-pair, and even if I’m wrong, I have 10 outs.  He does indeed have KQ for the nuts and the river misses me.

7.  I find myself pushing with top pair, 8 kicker into someone’s flopped two pair and then get up to leave.


I manage my bankroll pretty well.  I feel it is a skill that can go underappreciated.  I’ve been called a pussy for not putting more of it at risk during the past year, but I have decided to invest a good chunk of my winnings rather than have a large bankroll sitting in my dresser drawer.

My bankroll management is the only thing that keeps nights like last night from breaking me.  It also dampens my growth rate and I’m fine with that.  Had I not made any investments, I’d be rolled for $3/$6.  But I don’t need to be playing $3/$6 right now.

I’ve told friends that my biggest fear is getting left behind.  There are $2/$5 games and $5/$10 games going on that are starting to pique the interest of some G-Vegas veterans.  I’m not there yet.  I may get there, but it will be more slowly than everyone else due to the choices I’ve made.

And if I get left behind, well, I get left behind.

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