Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Live Action Post-Mortem

With respect to my manliness, or lack thereof, regarding my pre-pokering drink of choice, I had to make a change. The comments have finally got to me. My shield, my armor, they have been eroded by the steady, unyielding onslaught of comments by my fellow bloggers, G-Vegas-ites, and random passersby. The gay-tini was no more.

What took its place, you ask? Well, PFChang’s has something called the Szechuan Mary. It’s a rather spicy Bloody Mary and comes laden with green olives and chilly peppers. I was calling it the Bloody Szechuan, which unfortunately sounds too similar to a dirty Sanchez. So Szechuan Mary it is. Now go make fun of Otis, he had a dirty Grey Goose. It was skanky in fact. I wish I were man enough to drink one.


The G-Vegas 4 were short one member last night. To find out why, head on over here. Surely just a bump in the road for him, G-Rob will be back sooner than even he thinks. As an aside, during his Spring/Summer heater, I was convinced G-Rob’s game had transcended everyone else’s. Like all poker players, I have a poker ego. I was content to put it aside, however, and just sit back and learn. He was simply that good. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to return the favor, as the changes to my game based on watching G-Rob this summer have really turned things around for me.

TheMark, late as usual, regaled us with tales of another local higher stakes game that he played in last week. A $5/$10 uncapped game. He was there last week and casually mentioned that at least $25k was on the table at one time. I smiled, thinking that someday, if I get lucky enough, I could one day join him. For now, my bankroll says $1/$2 or $2/$5. As soon as TheMark mentioned that he purchased on X-Box 360, Otis interrupted what was sure to be a dork-filled conversation by saying, “Let’s go play some poker.” So we did.

When we sat down at the Gaelic Game, we were notified that this game too was now uncapped. Amusingly, nobody bought in for more that $200. Things started off well when on hand #2, I stacked a short-buyer when my KK held over his JJ. It’s usually hard for me to win early and maintain focus. Last night was no exception.


I took a beat early. And at first I was upset. I had pocket Tens in the big blind. With what seemed like 18 limpers, I raised the pot to $20 pre-flop. I got one caller. The flop was 287, and I bet over half the remaining stack of my opponent. He pushed with 97o and caught running 5,6. Like I said, I was a bit upset. But as I looked at my opponent, I felt a hint of pity.

There’s no room for pity at the poker tables. But this guy, judging from his behavior and his overall demeanor, just had “loser” written all over him. He wasn’t going to be winning money any other way than to get his money in behind and suckout. In fact, he destroyed someone else when he called all-in, yes called all-in, for over $300 on an open-ended straight draw. The other player with pocket Kings never had a chance. Inside, I smiled, knowing that he was a player that fueled the game. A player that got lucky every now and then. A player, that when he did get lucky, most likely thought he played well that night. It’s a love/hate relationship with these players. We loan them money in brief spurts so that they will continue to donate over the long term.

I was upset to see those Kings get cracked, because the guy who lost with them left, taking his slutty-looking girlfriend with him. There’s nothing like having a crack-whore parade around in a cutoff shirt with her back tattoo exposed.


Sometimes, at these games, people steam. I have, I will again. It is unfortunate though when you see someone steam, get lucky, and then get paid off. WitchProject was one such player. Normally, he’s solid, if a bit predictable. But last night, after blowing through two buy-ins rather quickly, he caught an inside straight draw on the turn and took a buy-in from Otis.

And that pissed me off a bit too. Otis was directly to my left. His mood throughout the evening was more positive than I’d seen in a while. We were having fun. That suckout seemed to take some of the wind out of his sails and he left earlier than anticipated.


In the category of playing the player, I limped with T9o and flopped trips. Against savvy opponents, I’d probably bet out. But against a field of donkeys, slow-playing is still a very viable option. We checked around on the flop. The turn brought a 9 and I had the nuts. I smooth called a $20 lead out and one player behind came along as well. The river brought an 8, completing both a flush and a straight draw. I still had the nuts. The player who led the turn, led the river for $40. I raised to $140 and after one fold, the EP player pushed. Easy call. He had pocket 8’s.


I’m still a loser at the Gaelic Game. But last night certainly helped. What’s even better, I didn’t have to rely on the Procedure to win.

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