Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Genius of Silence

The scene is a $50NL 2-7TD table on Stars. I had already more than doubled my buy-in and was just waiting around for some decent cards to play. Of course, Triple Draw hands can take a bit of time so I'm doing some light non-pr0n browsing while I wait.

Another player at the table had just won a pot to bring his stack up to about $75. During the hand that just finished, said player stood pat for the final two draws; and when it came time for showdown, he typed into the chat box "You lose" to his opponent prior to his hand being shown.

He was correct. His opponent who had been drawing one the last two rounds paired his five on the last draw. The trash-talker felt quite content with his A2346. "Hmmm," I thought to myself, "This jackass has no idea that Aces are high."

The other player who bricked up with his pair pulled perhaps one of the wisest moves I've ever seen online. He simply replied to the idiot by typing, "Nice hand, bro." Wow. Nobody else at the table said anything either. I began to drool just a little.

Two hands later, I'm dealt a pat 76532. It's the number 3, in 2-7 speak. Ace High Idiot pre-flop raises and I re-raise, honestly expecting a fold. He calls and draws two. I overbet the pot. He calls. And then stands pat. With one draw to go, I put him all in. He calls. And then stands pat.

His A2569 was no good.

Like I told G-Rob last night, this 2-7TD is free money at this point. Get in before the players get good. My unsustainable, insane +66.7 PTBB/100 hands can't last. Can it?

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