Monday, November 13, 2006


Update: I just noticed what happened to Pauly's Tao of Poker site. He got hi-jacked by some Absolute Poker affiliate and at this point nobody from Absolute Poker is helping out. I'd like to hope Absolute will make things right with him, but until then, I'd recommend avoiding giving them any business. You just don't mess around with the good Dr.


As is customary, I did not cash in the G-Vegas HORSE event. With 5k in starting chips, I never saw 6k. I did last longer than Otis though. But that's only because he took a sick beat when he flopped a set of Queens. His opponent flopped top two with AQ and an Ace hit the river. Stupid limit poker....stupid*.

I managed to tilt myself hard afterward by trying to round up a cash game. Managed to get four players after extreme coercion of one reluctant guy. Then I proceeded to get rivered twice for big pots and then half the players kept getting up to go watch the end of the Florida - Carolina game. So, I had to simply leave. Wasn't feelin' it. The tilt was magnified by the fact that my daughter decided to score her first goal of the soccer season during today's game, the one that I missed to play HORSE. Hello Mr. Guilt-trip, I'd like a one way ticket to Shootmyself.

I had thoughts of heading to the Gaelic Game and meeting up with G-Rob there, but the whole "not feelin' it" vibe kept lingering around. So I stayed home with the Mrs., even though she and the kids went to bed early. I hung around online playing the new PL2-7 triple draw on stars. I'm up a few buy-ins already, and it's already a fun and interesting new game. I'm sure half the fun is me being up.


It's funny. As a cash game player, there aren't really many watershed moments. A tournament player will have those big cashes to celebrate, but the cash game player just hopefully makes steady progress. Sometimes you can't see how well you're doing without looking very far back to see where you were months ago.

That's why setting long-term goals is so important. You can chart progress that way, and even during the down-swings, you can properly assess their overall impact towards hitting your goal. So I'm officially going to jinx myself right here.

My yearly goal (which has been the same each year) of doubling last year's winnings has been officially met. Amazingly, I'm closer to tripling last year's winnings; with a little luck in the last month and a half, I will.

Stay tuned for coming posts wherein I lament my momentary lapse of taunting the poker gods with tales of success. I would guess that post will come as early as tomorrow, but we'll see.

* That's a reference to one Mr. Mo Vaughn, who during one interview on Boston radio forgot he was still mic'd. His famous quote was "Stupid Boston fans....stupid."

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