Thursday, December 21, 2006

G-Vegas Final Player of The Year Standings

The Final year-end tournament took place nearly 3 weeks ago, but that's how long it takes for TheMark to email me the results. Anyway, it was a fun filled year, except for me and my horrible live tourney performance. Still, it was fun organizing the points and standings and I'll be doing it again for 2007.

In the end, what I feel are the three best local tournament players finished in the top 3.

At number 3, MrsAllIn had the lead for much of the year and played in most of the 11 tournaments on the schedule. Unfortunately, in the final tournament, she pulled a BadBlood and got zero points. While disappointing, she can still take solace that she's an extremely solid player and an even better cook.

Long time blogger and online tourney savant, Otis weighs in at number 2. No surprises there really. One wonders had he more time to play in more local events, would he have taken first place. Of the six he played, he cashed in the last 5.

Finally, at number one, it's the prodigy - Wolverine. Backed by the doubling of points in the last tournament, Wolverine took down the finals and player of the year rankings. He earns the cash prize built up from extra $1's taken out of the prize pools during the year. He can grab his prize at the first tourney of '07, the 3rd annual New Year's Day Tourney.

Final standings can be found here:

Final Standings

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