Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Going South

Nah, not the taking money off the table south...just heading down to the sunshine state for a pre-holiday get together with the family. Tonight I'll be packing up the minivan, the vehicle that comes with a free castration, and then at about 3am tomorrow I'll load up the sleeping family and begin the drive.

It's only 778.3 miles of fun. It's somewhat sad that I'll be packing up the GameCube so the kids can play during the ride. But it's either listen to Mario gobble a power up or the fingernails-on-a-chalkboard-like arguing of the mini's. Life's all about choices. I have a loud family.


Speaking of choices, I made the decision to drop down in online limits and play a statistically significant 20,000 hands to reassess my game. Good fucking gravy, I don't think I can put up with it much longer. About 2500 hands into my penance, I've discovered that two-tabling the full 9-handed ring games are the epitome of grinding. Over the course of those hands, I've run into maybe two morans looking to give their money away. Other than that, it's tightbox central. Where did everyone go?

If you combine my live and online bankrolls, then I should just man-up and play the limits that I've shown success at. It would mean transferring some of the live roll to online, and for whatever reason, I'm loathe to do just that. It's just a mental block that I have, a personal pride in not ever having to reload personal cash into the online poker machine since I started this blog in 2004.


I'm reading all the Vegas trip reports with a combination of melancholy, jealousy, and hatred. I kid, but sure wish I had gone. With an ever increasing frequency, I find myself divided by the facets of my life that continually oppose each other. It's similar to the battle fought by relationship-George and single-George.

On one hand, you have family man: the responsible adult who needs to set a good example for his kids and the husband who needs to make sure his wife has everything she needs and wants.

On the other, you have the poker/drinker/socializer: the person who wants to play live poker at least twice a week, the person who wants to head downtown and shoot the shizzle over his gay-tinis with a few friends.

The buildup of tension between these two people will culminate on April 21st, 2008. Because I've decided that for my 40th birthday, I will be in Vegas come hell or high water.

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