Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Boot To The Head

This just in from the kicking a man while he's down department:

The scene is GucciRick's Monday night game, once known as the G-Vegas big game back in days of yore when our bankrolls were but a fraction of their current states. One regular player who likes to call himself Tight Passive Tim, sometimes justifiably so, won the first two pots of the night with aggressive check-raises.

"Where's Tight Passive Tim tonight?" I queried into the smoke-filled air above GucciRick's 5-car garage.

"I brought Money-Making Tim tonight boys," he replied with a smile as he stacked his chips.

Fast-forward an orbit or two. Rhett, acting from under the gun, raises Money Making Tim's (MMT) $5 straddle to $20. It's folded around and we hear the words "re-raise."

"All in," says MMT.

Rhett goes into the tank; and since he's to my direct right, allows me to see his hole cards. King Jack of diamonds - hardly worth an all in to many players. But not Rhett who vocally declares, "I think you're on a straight steal."

"How much more is it?" Rhett inquires. MMT had over $200, easily covering Rhett who'd lost a few pots early.

This would be quite a read to put someone on an all-in steal in a cash game, but is the read worth his entire stack? Apparently it is.

MMT tables his pocket Tens and I congratulate Rhett on an amazing call, even though we all know better.

The flop is KJx. The turn brings another K and MMT's stack built on early aggression takes a major hit. You could see the steam come pouring out of MTT's eyeballs. Welcome to Tiltville, population: You.

Undeterred, the very next hand MMT raises pre-flop to $10 and gets called in late position by another player who's name would remind you of the 1974 National League Player who stole 118 bases that year.

The flop comes Jack high and MMT checks. Brock leads out for $20 and MTT pushes leading to one of the funniest lines I'd heard at a poker table in a long time.

Brock asks just as did Rhett one hand earlier, "How much more is it?"

Enter G-Rob, in pure dead pan voice, "Not as much as last time."

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