Monday, December 11, 2006


Having stayed home this weekend, I managed to get a few things done. You may want to sit down when you read this because hot damn if it ain't exciting shit. Friday after work, I took my son to his basketball practice. He's 6 and has inherited his old man's vertical leap, but doesn't know it yet. Ignorance is bliss. And there's still time to work on his calves. Then afterwards, I went drinking. With the wife of all people. We just hung out at a local restuarant/bar chillin' since we had some free babysitting.

Saturday I was Mr. Fix-it. The basketball hoop, once tilting like a poker player after a one-outer, now stands perfectly vertical and at the appropriate height. Also, I re-screened the trampoline in the back yard. The old one had ripped and was currently unsafe for use. The kids reported it as being more springy after the fact. The wife congratulated me on fixing both things without once cursing or swearing. I actually surprised myself.

Played some online poker too. Yay.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, had my cell phone ready all weekend. It remained dormant with nary a dial-a-shot. So screw you guys. Yeah you heard me.

I'm still waiting for TheMark to email me the G-Vegas '06 Championship results. Once done, you'll find out who the Player of the Year is. Which reminds me, the 3rd Annual New Year's Day tourney is a go if anyone is around. Should be fun for most everyone but me. Details will eventually migrate out via email. If you're not on the email list, and want to be, just ask. If you're on the list and want off? Well, TFB.

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