Monday, January 08, 2007


On Friday, I played my ritualistic 2nd live poker night of the week.  Ritualistic because I’m granted two nights per week to play and dutifully convince the Mrs. each time that two is the perfect mix for my happiness and hers.  The venue was TheMark’s, and while the table was certainly far from ideal, it was fun nonetheless.  We played 6-handed most of the night.  G-Rob, myself, TheMark, GucciRick, TightPassiveTim, and Dilemma Dave.  Dave is a new character, as yet unintroduced to the outside world of non-G-Vegas-ites.

His moniker’s origin stems from his frequent tendency to struggle with decision making on each street he’s involved in.  His tells are as true as they can get.  When he’s got a tough choice to make, it’s written all over his mannerisms.  However, one classic tell – the weak means strong one – drew some big laughs from everyone at the table.

It’s just Dilemma Dave and Gucci to the all club flop.  Dave exhales deeply, his face showing consternation as he reluctantly checks.  The four players out of the hand immediately know Dave’s just flopped the nut flush.  For whatever reason, GucciRick didn’t take heed and bet out $50, roughly 80% of Dave’s remaining stack.  Another deep exhale and a smooth call followed, as did more laughter.  With only $16 left, Dave put it in on the turn.  Rick had to call and as Dave flipped up A8c, we all did our best to stop laughing.  Noticing someone’s tell is far different from letting that person know what his tell is.


Saturday morning, I took miniBlood to his first basketball game of the season.  It’s a church league where they don’t keep score, but they do enforce the rules to a certain degree.  When you’re six years old, I think the important message is having fun and making friends, not winning at all costs.  From my perspective, it’s the ideal league for him.

I probably can’t express how proud I was when miniBlood drained his first of 8 baskets.  That’s right, mini exploded for 16 points, effectively dominating the second half of the game.  Just because the league doesn’t keep score doesn’t mean I can’t.  The best part was that his shots weren’t gimme’s either.  They were 10 to 12 footers that impressed everyone in the audience, including his own sister.  Other parents were asking if that kid were mine, and I tried to remain humble by quelling my smile to a certain degree.  But when you’re flat out busting with pride, it’s hard not to get excited.

The best part?  When we arrived home, I told him what a great game he had and how proud I was.  He simply responded, “Well Daddy, Coach said we should try our best, so I did.”

For next week’s game, I taught him the Sammy Sosa fist to the chest and two finger kiss routine.


Sunday, it rained all day.  I woke up, shaved my head, and plopped my ass on the couch for some marathon NFL playoff football viewing.  I watched the Pats play what will be their only home playoff game this year and take down the Mangenius-led J-E-T-S Jets.  It was closer than the final score indicated, but I felt that as long as the Pats minimized their mistakes, they’d be able to win.

I wished Al luck for his Eagles game, which turned out well.

Played some online poker too.

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