Thursday, January 11, 2007

Try The Veal

Bear with me….

Long ago when the early settlers of what would become the Mississippi area convened in an as-yet-unnamed town, people grew anxious that their future home did not have a name.

One of the locals, a fisherman my trade, was oddly enough named Nicholas Albacore.  He was highly regarded among the town’s elder statesmen, so it wasn’t without too much trepidation that they decided to name the town after Nicholas.

Unfortunately, Nicholas had a nickname.  Few people liked to use all of those nasty syllables when referring to him, so he became Nick Tuna to his closest friends.  More unfortunately still, Nick was a bit dyslexic.

When it came time for Nick to ceremoniously inscribe the newly created town’s name on its charter, he mistakenly wrote Tunica.

And that my friends, is how Tunica got its name.

Shhhh!!!!  I can hear the groans from here.

I’ll be there one week from today.

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