Friday, March 23, 2007

Days of Birth

As with most parents, your children's birthdays are days when you want them to be the happiest. So I try my best and spoil the crap out of them while they're so young. It's what I do. Does it make them spoiled? Frankly, I don't care. I'll pay most any price to see that they get everything they want or need while I'm alive.

miniBlood's birthday was about a week and a half ago. Probably six weeks ago, our Nintendo Gamecube broke. Being the videogame prodigy he is, this was no small issue to deal with. Something had to be done. Using some internet tools linked directly to Target's online inventory system, I had inside information as to when new shipments of the next generation Nintendo console would arrive.

Unfortunately, they came in on a Sunday, when Target opens at 8am. I had played poker until 3:30am the night before, and at 7:30am mrsBlood kindly kicked me out of bed to go wait in line. It hurt. But I managed to procure a Wii. And when I gave it to my son on his 7th birthday, his happiness made up for any sleep I lost that day.

My daughter's birthday is soon to arrive too. What to get her? Well, since she's turning 9 and has a full compliment of sass to go with her long blonde hair, I figured I'd be the hero by getting her and some of her friends a ride in a limo. Sure, I'm paying out the ass for 3 hours of frivolity, but she's worth it.

Least importantly, I just noticed I've been blogging this blog for over 3 years now. Sheesh, where does the time go?

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