Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Should Probably Post

...but there just isn't much to say really. I wish I had some cool poker hand stories to weave but the material is just too thin. There's just not that much happening that's interesting, which brings me to the following thoughts.

I think that the stage at which poker becomes a grind is approaching. I would be lying if I didn't say that this year's results, or lack thereof, have contributed to my malaise. Each night where I'm either winning or losing a single buy-in just makes me think more about what I may have missed at home that night. Sure, getting to play 2 or 3 times a week can be fun, but when it isn't, most of the time I would rather be home.

The cardrooms I'm playing in are all now obscenely filled with smoke, so much so, that when I get home, I shower up just to unpollute myself. I climb in bed and wonder what the point of playing for 6 hours was.

Early last night, I lost a pot with 2nd nuts and doubled up 1st nuts. From there on in, I hovered around the same stack size for the remainder of the evening. Yawn.

Normally when things get like this, I host a home game, which I'll probably do again. However, I've been donating so bad at my own house that it may not be such a great idea. Oh well, gotta snap out of it sometime I guess.


Turns out miniBlood has lost his Wii privileges for the week. He and one of his buddies got into a spat on the school bus home and it just escalated into a "My game system is better than yours" argument. Of course, he was right that his Wii dominates his friend's inferior console but we still had to teach him that it's wrong to flaunt your toys in front of your friends.

Speaking of which, my poker chips still RULE!!!!

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