Thursday, May 17, 2007


This week and early next week will be some of the busiest days I've had. It started on Tuesday with my son's baseball game after work. Tonight, the only free night I could find between now and Sunday, I'm taking the Mrs. to dinner for her birthday. Her actual birthday is Sunday, but we can't go that night because my son's baseball team's night out with the Greenville Drive got rescheduled. The Mrs. won't have any of him missing it this year since he missed it last year when we were at Disney. Oh, and he has games Friday night and Saturday afternoon too.

So how do you make up for such busy-ness? Here's how: You "reluctantly" agree to let your wife and kids drive to her brother's house for the Memorial Day weekend. Beginning on Friday afternoon next week, I will have 3 consecutive days unfettered by familial responsibilities. Danger Will Robinson, Danger.

What to do, what to do....

Here's a thought: Poker maybe?

Friday night (and Monday's for that matter) have turned into Night's at the Depot. The Depot is the latest card room to open in the area, and from my perspective, may be the best. (It still needs a hostess, like a really hot one, K?)

Saturday, for perhaps the first time ever, I may get to play in the Gaelic Game's afternoon tournament, followed up of course by closing down the cash game - also for the first time ever. Provided I don't go busto. I usually turn into a pumpkin at 3am amidst the cat-calls of the single guys wondering why I have to go home so "early." Well, if I have chips and some semblance of consciousness, I won't be leaving so soon.

Sunday I have options. I may look to take a shot at the Stars Sunday million with a couple of satellite tries. I'm guessing since it's the last Sunday, it will be the $500 entry which I won't be paying for with my limited online roll. If that fails me, the Black Stallion game runs on Sunday's and hell, why not go there. It's not like I'll be at church.

So there you have it. Freedom = poker. And maybe some trips elsewhere too. That was subtle, wasn't it?

So if anyone is inclined to join me on this epic weekend, shoot me an email or give me a ring. Even if you're out of town and have been looking to give G-Vegas a shot, next weekend would be the time to do it.

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