Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tag Teamed

I know where this started.

Anyway, Otis and Pokerbtch both tagged me. Quite an honor right there. So here goes:

1. Once when I was 16, I saved another kid's life when we were travelling up the California coast line. We were at the beach across from the Hearst Castle. I was sitting atop a huge rock that was getting peppered by increasingly higher waves. At one point a young kid joined me, apparently he lived in a house very nearby. As his mother was urging him to get off the rock, he timed his jump perfectly as a receding wave swept him towards the ocean. I instantly jumped off too, not knowing quite how strong the tide was. I was thrown off balance but managed to grab the kid and make my way towards the shore. His mom was crying, sobbing "thank you's" whenever she could. I shrugged it off as something anyone would have done. Part of me hopes that kid went onto something great in this world and will eventually mail me a check for several million dollars so I can retire early.

2. Last Sunday night I watched and ENJOYED the chick flick "The Devil Wears Prada." Do not tell anyone about this.

3. I would kill for my kids. I would die for my kids. I would endure an eternity of pain and suffering if it meant a lifetime of happyness for them.

4. I can tell if a woman has a nice ass by looking at them from the front.

5. During my early weightlifting career, I was trapped under a bench press of 85 lbs. I was in the basement of my house in Massachussetts at the time. I had to yell for my Mom to come help me get the weight off my chest.

6. I can't explain it, but I root for and love evil fictional characters. On "Heroes," my favorite character might be Sylar. Of course, letting you know that I hated when the Terminator lost in the first film will be unsurprising.

7. I still have dreams about my first car. It was a 1981 Corvette. I stripped the exhaust and put on straight pipes and high flow mufflers. It sounded awesome. I sold it for cheap the month before I got married in 1996. Since then I've driven the following emasculating vehicles: 1986 Ford Escort, 1992 Ford Escort, 1997 Saturn SL1, and finally a 2006 Honda Civic. My mid-life crisis is coming, I can feel it.



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