Friday, June 01, 2007

And The Winners Are...

Read the whole entry, the best parts are at the end.

First, I'll fill you in on the answers.

1. Only TheMark correctly guessed that I was ahead in all four $800+ pots I was in last weekend. However, nobody got the end results of 2-1-1 correct. Kind of a trick with a chop in there.

2. In chronological order, the fine females of the WPBT to grab my arms are: Maudie, Jaxia, and Heather.

3. This one was pretty easy: My kitchen, The Depot, Justin's, Stax, and PF Chang's. Chilly aced this one, getting the bonus for the obvious PF Chang pic to show up on my phone when Otis calls.

4. Easily researchable. 7th place at the Luxor.

5. 'twas Charlie Shoten

6. False, haven't yet. Doesn't mean I won't though.

7. Again, Chilly nabbed this one: Concord Card Casino in Vienna Austria

8. Semi-trick question. Ratt/Poison was my 1st ever concert and I once had to take MrsBlood to a Bon Jovi concert as some kind of retribution for something I must have done at some point in our marriage. I saw Metallica about 5 times so that one wasn't it. Sadly, I've never seen Anthrax. Al, don't shoot me.

9. Most everyone got this one: Derek, Pauly, Iggy and Daddy with Iggy in miniBlood's crib.

10. Most people came up with standard fare, however, I must reprint Daddy's submission frankly because he crushed it.

"I'd arrive on a Friday, and you'd take me straight to your favorite strip club from the airport. "Afternoon titties," you'd say. From there we'd grab $120 worth of top shelf vodka and beer, and make our way to the home game at Chez Otis'. We'd both win eleven buy-ins, and head back to your place for late-night omelettes. I mistakingly break out your Flying-V, and start shredding "Youth Gone Wild." Your wife threatens to slice my throat, and I mention that the sight of my own blood only makes me slay power chords even harder. Saturday, we grab what you refer to as "Morning tittes," and then hit up the liquor store again. I suggest finding up a grill to cook our 28 oz. porterhouses on. You agree, and we eat meat for two solid hours. We hit the liquor store again, but only after some "Early-evening titties." We perform "hit and runs" on The Gaelic Game and The Spring Hotel laughing heartily as we leave the latter. I offer to the group as we exit that "I can't friggin' believe the games are so soft down here." We hit up G-Rob's late night spread of $500 NLO8, and you win eleven more buy-ins. I win twelve, but only slightly rub it in that my game must be superior. Sunday, we rise early and freshen up for church. We sit in the back pew, and make fart noises with our hands and armpits. As they escort us out you proclaim loudly that "God is an angle shooter anyway!" I depart on the evening flight, but only after a heartfelt "good-bye" which found us both choking back tears.

It was a good weekend."

The two winners happen to be Chilly and TheMark. I can hand deliver TheMark's book so I'll need a mailing address from Chilly. Nice work guys and thanks for humoring my dumbass quiz.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I'll be in Vegas next week. So there.

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